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Undergraduate Fieldwork in Archaeology

A number of research opportunities in archaeology both within Maryland and abroad, are provided to students from HCC and neighboring colleges and universities. These research projects are frequently conducted in collaboration with other universities and/or organizations. Recently, HCC strengthened its ability to provide research opportunities in archaeology by purchasing a fluxgate gradiometer for student-led non-invasive surveys. A summary of these undergraduate research opportunities is provided on subsequent pages of this website.

Source de l'Yonne (Bibracte) 2009-2011

Excavation directed by Dr. Tom Moore (Durham University) and co-directed by faculty from the University of Mainz and Howard Community College.


Bagendon, Glous. 2012-2013

Excavation directed by Dr. Tom Moore and supported by faculty and students from Durham University and Howard Community College.



Simpsonville Mill

A public archaeology project directed by Dr. Laura Cripps and with the support of the Office of Service Learning and students from Howard Community College.

Mt. Aventine

A student-led fluxgate gradiometry surevy of the landscape around Mt. Aventine. This was conducted in tandem with a historical investigation of Mt. Aventine by Howard Community College students led by Dr. Mark Tacyn. 

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