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Jake Fierson

Howard Community College 2010-2012

Fort Lewis College, Colorado 2013-Present

Major: Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Certificate: Cultural Resource Management

"My experiences  at HCC influenced me to pursue a career in archaeology.  The fieldwork opportunities I was able to take part in at HCC had a huge impact on preparing me for my current and future success. Both the England archaeology study-abroad trip and the independent research project I did with Dr. Cripps in  spring 2011 taught me a great deal about archaeological methods, lab work and research methodologies.   Obtaining my AA degree in Anthropology at HCC, was the best decision I could have made. It has given me an edge in the classroom, along with hands on experience and knowledge that I am still using as I continue my education at Fort Lewis College". 

Amanda Parks

Howard Community College 2011-2013

St Mary's College of Maryland 2013-Present

Major: Art History

Minor: Museum Studies

"When I discovered the Anthropology department at HCC not only was I connected to a network of amazing people, but I was also connected to amazing opportunities. This inspired me to try out new things, such as an archaeological excavation abroad, and allowed me to find my minor in Museum Studies."

Judy Joklik

Howard Community College 2010-2012

University of Maryland, College Park 2012-Present

Major: Anthropology


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Jaimie Wilder

Howard Community College 2009-2011

St Mary's College of Maryland, 2011-2013

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Museum Studies​ 

Seth Eyring

Howard Community College 2011-2012

Reed College, Oregon 2013-Present

Major: Anthropology


"During my time at HCC I was exposed to many  research driven opportunities, which helped me to successfully apply for an internship on an NSF funded project with Towson University. I was employed as a research assistant working in Baltimore City to do a qualitative, ethnographic analysis on those living with HIV/AIDS. This hands-on experience solidified my interest in anthropology and assured me of its relevance to understanding and representing groups who otherwise would not be given a voice. It was an introduction to the necessary skills of attempting to bridge cultural differences, the tangled ethics involved in ethnographic studies, the importance of establishing necessary rapport, and the humanizing of those acting as both our partners and subjects".

Elliot Weil

Howard Community College 2011-2013

University of Maryland, College Park  2013-Present

Major: Anthropology


"By being fortunate enough to go on a dig with HCC, my decision of becoming an archaeologist became stronger....I learned so much about this field and was able to learn it in a fun and educational manor, which is how this subject should be taught! Through my experience at HCC, for Summer 2013 I was able to get a paid position on an excavation in Cologne, Germany working on a dig for the German government!" 

David Dudich

Howard Community College

Continuing Education Student

"As a 70 year old who is a Custom-Class student, I enjoy learning anthropology as a means of keeping my mind sharp by independently exploring and researching various questions (“Enquiring minds want to know.”). Based on my experiences of Inquiry Based Learning I would recommend classes that are exclusively "Inquiry Based" in approach, as I believe that learning problem-solving techniques transcends any one academic area in that it provides a skill-set useful throughout life."

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