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HCC student Alexi Tarlton excavating a juvenille cow skull in a ditch terminus at Bagendon.

Excavations at Bagendon, near Cirencester, UK.

In 2012 and 2013, students from HCC joined fellow undergraduates from Durham University to support the research excavations of Dr. Tom Moore. Dr. Moore's examination of the prehistoric landscape around Bagendon (Glous.) has involved extensive magnetometry survey and targeted excavations of an apparent 'banjo' style enclosure, in order to better interpret the complex of landscape features associated with the Late iron-Age 'territorial oppidum' of the area.



The sources below provide more information on this research:


Link to Dr. Moore's research page


Moore, T. (2012). Beyond the Oppida: Polyfocal Complexes and Late Iron Age Societies in Southern Britain. Oxford Journal of Archaeology 31(4): 391-417.


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